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Missing Since Monday was THE best book i have ever read in my life!!!!! omg i loved the ending it was just an awsome book!


my favorite book is The House On Haunted Hill!


My favorite books are Little house in the Big Woods, and Little house on the Prarie (same book)and 7th Heaven
Sisters Through Seasons!!!


Chatham, I'm surprised you didn't talk about Harry Potter!!!! But I'd have to say my favorite book would have to be Walk Two Moons. It was a book you could choose in 5th grade to read and its about this girl that is on a car trip with hef grandparents to see her mom and its reaaaaally sad!!!! But it's a great book!!!!


correction: The title is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (sorry about that...)


my favorite book...hmmm...I say that my review is going to be on one of my all-time favorites Hithhikers Guide to the Galaxy. This is agreat funny book with loads of wsome characters stuck in outregous situations only someone with waaaay too much time on their hands. Nonetheless this definetly A must read. It's so funny that I can't even tell you without ruining it because every pun in this book is worth a thousand laghs. Actually this is really a 5-book series all packed into one hilarious book with truly unforgettable characters, like Marvin the paranoid android, and 3-armed 2-headed president of the galaxy, Zaphod Beeblebrox (cant beleive i remembered that name...probrably because he's so funny!) I just want to say anyone who likes sci-fi and/or comedy books, cannot say they have accomplished in life without reading this.


I just finished reading a Salior Moon book called Salior Moon Stars #3! This book was about how all the other Sailor Scouts were defeated and the evil Sailor Galacica captured their Sailor Crystals! It's sort of a long plot and I won't get heavily into detail but to sum things up, Sailor Moon defeated Galactica and got married to Darien (Tuxedo Mask) in the end! And sadly this is the last ever Salior Moon Book ever made!! *starts to cry* Okay I'm done now....


The book I love the most is,"Dear Dumb Diary, Lets pretend This Never Happened". The short stories about a typical girl trying to survive in school make me laugh. The pictures are also hilarious!


One book that truly captivates my soul, when my eyes first began scanning the exquisite wording, was Artemis Fowl. It is the book I am reading in L.A. I find it's rich use of stunning vocabulary, wonderous, and the outrageous mind of the young Master Artemis is ever so intriguing. It was hard to believe, that even in the pages of a simple book, such a child lived. Is clever wit has truly drawn me to the book, and I feel it was destiny that I read it for Language Arts. I am so ever glad and excited that this was the book assigned to me. My favorite chracter in it, is Captain Holl Short, the pippy little female fairy, a most dedicated memeber of LEPrecon. I would say it is a book most should read...it really will raise a childs intake on vocabulary that really can spice up any piece of writing. I give it two thumbs way up, and five stars. I will post my thoughts again, when I am all the way finsihed with it...


haha nice post mr.h

i liked the book holes it was great even with lots of flash backs if you havent read it you should and see the movie if you dont get the book it helps to understand it.

Danny 6H

My favorite book is the boy who saved Its about a boy who trys to save baseball in his town. But he accidently wagers the whole thing on a single game of baseball.


One book i read was about a farie who is only half farie, and the other faries have kicked her out because she cant turn invisible and stuff. So they swich her with a human baby and she doesnt fit in with anyone. Tell me if you want to read this book called The Moorchild, and ill let you borrow it. AND LISTEN TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW MORNING AND YOU'LL FIND OUT MORE!

KaTiE n.

My favorite book is the Music of the dolphins this book when your reading it you feel in the ocean or at the shelter. This is about a 13 year old girl that is an orphan and lived with the dolphins for the first 13 years of her life. Sh tries hard to learn abiut human behavior and doesnt understand very well. If you want to read this book Mrs. Ekstrom has a copy of it.

MATT: can I borrow that book?


One of my favorite books is called eleven seconds it is a book about a kid and he plays college hockey. so he gets his first shift of college hockey ever and eleven seconds into it he gets a huge hit from behind on him and he gets paralized so this book is all about his life. oh by the way the kids name is Travis Roy. If you want to read this book tell me and ill let you borrow it.

Emily C

Right now my favorite book is one that I read over the summer. I read this book called "confessions of a back up dancer" As most people know I love dance and everything about it! This is the reason I chose that book! LOL


A recent book I've read was The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Slippery Slope. It was an excellent book by Lemony Snicket, with illustrator, Brett Helquist. In the previous book The Carnivrous Carnival evil Count Olaf, has driven away with the youngest Baudelaire, Sunny, leaving her 2 older siblings, Klaus and Violet stuck in a caravan, rolling rapidly down the Slippery Slope. Violet and Klaus must stop the tumbling caravan before they crash, and save Sunny from the evil clutches of Count Olaf before it's too late, but how? Not only that but there is a surprising survivor of a terrible fire. Read The Slippery Slope to find out what will become of the three terrified Baudelaires, and what Count Olaf will try to pull off next.

Mr. Hetherington

testing again

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