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Mr. Hetherington

You did a great job hosting the talent show at camp. You controlled the pace of the show and did previews and post-comments on the performances. You have a natural talent for MC'ing!



Emily C

I loved c3cc i am sooooo glad that all of you people liked the talent show i stunk @ mcing maybe i should takee up something else! lol

Lim Li Ping

Hi!I am sharing a computer with my friend,Linsay.I am Lim Li Ping.We are both from Greenridge Seccondary School.Nice to know you. So are you on line now?I like Papa Smurf.Are you good in sports ?


I liked C3CC camp a ton! I hope we can go back in the spring! I loved the inititives! But I'll remember next time not to vote for the ravioli! They were NASTY! But other then that I loved it especially the talent show!


i lovd c3cc camp it was sooooooooooooooo much fun i lovd all of the initiatives but my fav was the talent show singing a duet of Rudalph the red nosed reindeer with marina was fun but we did NOT want to go first!! the only thing bad about it was the dinnner i HATE ravioli but i REALY hope we go again in the spring! i would have liked the egg drop better if georgi didnt die :( even though it was super fun i also loved the night hike and the legend of bloody rock


oh man where do i start C3CC was the bamb i hope we go again but i did sorta like the egg drop woulda enjoyed it more if Mr.L didnt kill LaRrY lol im just kidding it was great i LOVED the talent show ( that is what i voted 4 -SHHHHHHHHHHHHH- ) but the whole day was just great!!!!!!!


there's just way too much to say, so i'll make this short-i loved it!


C3CC was a great experiance. I loved Papa Smurf's cooking and the talent show. It was hilarious!


I noticed the results for the poll...I assumed everyone liked the talent show. LOL. It was exciting. I liked all the performances. I just wished I felt better that night...atleast I felt good enough to go to school the next day. The Night Hike and Legend of Bloody Rock was my second favorite, and then I like the Egg Drop. The my forht favorite thing was the initiatives, and I didn't really like lunch and dinner. Lunch was okay, but then at dinner I had a pounding headache, and oddly enough felt better at dessert. Hmm...intresting coincedence huh? -shifty eyes- It was kind of cold, but I braved it...and my legs felt like they were going to fall off when we climbed to Bloody Rock for the Egg Drop. But in the end it was fun. I almost went home! But then after a talk with Miss. V...I had some different plans.

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