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amanda 6v

Chatham, i saw on the news that the tsunami braclets are a scam and the moeny is not going where it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm still very surprised that this happened! Nothing like this has ever happned in my life this bad! Like, everyone thought 9/11 was bad but this is probally worse!!!! Oh, and I hope everyone donates a couple of their dollars to help!

mr. lazaroff, i think that is a great idea!


did everyone hear about that baby that has had like 4 people claim him? the babys so cute!

Mr. Hetherington

Larisa put together a nice powerpoint presentation about the Tsunami for newsbreak today. If you have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer, you can view her slideshow here at http://www.quia.com/files/quia/users/mikeheth/Tsunami-Presentation


Yeah everyone read what Mr.Lazeroff wrote !! and that wave was real big i would be scared to death if we were randomly hit by one of those although i dont think itll happen too soon


I'm frightened by the five foot waves at the beach! Just imagine a huge 40 foot tall wall of water coming at you and then being swept away along with cars, people, houses, and other debris! That is just too hard for me to imagine! Did anyone else hear about the couple that was walking on the beach holding hands and then were carried underwater for two miles? Amazingly they survived and had only a few broken bones each!


about donations and other things like that....my family and i donated $240 to unicef,save the children,habitat for humanity, and chairities like that...my sister wanted to organize something, like what Mr. Lazeroff said...its a good idea anyway


wow.. this was really a bad thing...so many innocent people are dead, like 3/4 of everyone in the U.S. in just one tsunami. it really is as bad as it gets and i hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon

this kind of thing does happen, but i just wish it didn't...


did everyone read what Mr. Lazaroff wrote we need ideas anyone have any?

Mr. Lazaroff

Just an update about what we are thinking about doing to help. Tomorrow a group of teachers will be getting together to discuss how we can get involved in helping the people affected by this tragedy. We are thinking that it might be best to raise money and give it to an organization we know we can trust. How does that sound to everyone? Ideas for fund-raisers? Please let me know your ideas and thoughts!


it was very tragic and sad but nature takes its toll and if you see the water going way out in to the ocean it means run at super speed


Mr. Hetherington...I did an almost similar thing. During guidance, we were asked to possibly give suggestions for donations to maybe bring to the next dance, but instead of suggesting a donation, I suggesting, not just at the dance, but one day, with the entire school, to give a small moment of silence, along with donating. I just was devstated and speechless when seeing the movies, and pictures. All the villages, and lives lost. So many homeless people, very prone to wounds, and diseases, that could raises the lives lost. Thankfully, so much in the world is being done. I even saw on Nick News, on Nickeldeon, that a group of kids made a group called Do Something...(I think) and they have bake sales to raise money to help the cause. It is so nice to see some much done for them...it would have been ever nicer if it had never happened, but nature does some crazy things, that you just wish would never happen...

Mr. Hetherington

I spoke to Mr. Lazeroff on Wednesday and he is looking into a schoolwide effort of some sort to help the tsunami victims. Be careful with your donations. We want to be sure the money really goes to the people in need, and not to a group of scam artists, as you can read about at

The American Red Cross International Response Fund and Care USA are two examples of large trustworthy organizations that are accepting donations for the Tsunami effort.


The Tsunami was a very tragic thing that happened to people that deserve more than that. Most countries that were hit by the tsunami were poor countries. Those people barely survive from getting enough food and having clothes to wear. Then it hit them and almost 1 million people died. I think that the United States should either be sending food, money, clothing or anything else tohelp the people that are still living. What do you have to say about the tragic hit of the tsunami?

Mrs. Ekstrom

I'm impressed with your super ideas about what we can do to assist the people who have survived this tragedy. There are many places accepting monetary donations...such as UNICEF. I hadn't heard about the "Livestrong" type bracelets. Unfortunately I think that sending only 10% of the profit to the countries in need is ridiculous! That is minimal...that means that the person who came up with this idea is keeping 90% of your money (minus the cost to produce the bracelts.) Quick math...if the bracelt costs you $5, then only 50 cents goes to the charity and $4.50 to the person claiming to care about this cause. Your $5 would be more effectively spent if you donated it directly to an agency you can trust...Food for thought.

Danny 6H

Yes we all know that the tsunami that has hit parts of china are suffering bad. As Andrew said, a lot of countries are helping out to make sure the death rate doesen't go up anny.



Did you know that they are selling bracelets (like the cancer/livestrong ones) where 10% of the $ goes to the Red Cross and they buy food and water and they ship it over to the place where it hit. Also it means that you are sorry and aware about the tsunami.


1) http://www.yahoo.com
2) Type pictures of the tsunami
3) Look at the very top next to yahoo news and click on TSUNAMI PICTURES
4) Go to the very bottom and click on Tsunami Awareness Bracelets and Pins
5) The look to the right and you will see a table with a blue background.
6) Click on Bracelets.

P.S. they also have the breast cancer and caner, and Support Our Troops bracelets too!


We need to find a way to get money over there. A good place to send it is to the orphan edge for the kids who lost parents. How about a bake sale? Or we could fix up the games that we never play at indoor recess? Find a way and write a letter to the PTO. Start A.S.A.P.


Chiana, the death toll is over 800,000!

Chianam 6E

Wow we thought September 11th was bad look at this terrible event happening more than 155,000 peoples life’s are gone and all because of this tsunami. This is all changing around for us though now when we started the search for missing people the U.S. was not the only one looking for these harmless people it was the whole world and I think that this tragedy might just start a little bit of world peace. I only think this because everyone is helping out not just some all of us. I hope all is well down there and everyone will try to forget this horrible thing that has happened and we can start to look to the future and see all the new humans come alive at birth and see all the joys of people working together and helping out even we can do something. Let’s try this out and try to become a better world. I wish the best to every one in the troops and the people down there who have been affected deeply and now have a steak in there heart. :)


We have to do something to help the families of the 140,000 people that died. People were just swept away by the massive tsunami. We should send money by having a tag sale or something so that the suvivors can have shelter,food and water so diseases dont spread too quickly and more people won't die because of disease!!!

KaTiE n. 6e

i think that we could do a sale of something everyone or at least a lot of people like to raise the money any other ideas?

Mr. Hetherington

Your comments are so true. This event was tragic, and the recovery will take months if not years. I just read a story about a schoolgirl from England who saved over a hundred people when she recognized the warning signs of an approaching tsunami and convinced her parents and everyone in the area to run for higher ground.
You can read about it at: http://www.news1130.com/news/international/article.jsp?content=w010206A

The address below shows an animation of the tsunami's path. The red indicates high water, and the blue indicates low water.


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