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Matt had the idea that we could raise money as s school to send over, but how can we do it? post your ideas and we'll work something out. Anyway, there are so many people over in the scene where the Tsunami hit, and some people have amazing but heart breaking stories on how they survived. Get this, one 12 year old boy was picking mangos in a tree near the shoreline when he saw the wave coming. He climbed higher in the tree and when theh wave hit, he looked down and he saw his parents being swept away by the wave. And a 20 day old girl was floating on a matress, but her parents lived too! Thank God for the survival of those children.

KaTiE n.

I think that this was the worst thing that has ever happend weather related. I agree with Matt with his thought about rasing money.


This tsunami was a terrible one but all tsunamis are. with over 100,000 people dieing this is a terrible tradgity. Our country needs to raise money so we can help all those survivors over there get going again bye raising money or something to help them! This to me is sad that all the little kids could have no parents now they could be all alone so we need to help them out!

Emily C

I belive that this will go down in history. This event and others in the past all ways make me see how lucky we are! I feel bad for all the kids that cant go to school or even have a life because their parents got washed away and are dead. I am so upset by this tradagey!

Leslie 6L

Almost every human could tell you about the resent tradgedy. Thinking about these unfortunate men, women, and children innocently eating lunch and building sand castles by the beach, and then getting swept up and dying makes me sick. They are trying to share the basic neccessities like food, water, and shelter. I think though
education is important too. I think maybe it would be smart if the children could be taught the basics by volenteers while everything is being cleaned up.


The tsunami was an extreme worst case scenario for the people that were effected by the enormous wall of water. Some people were fortunate enough to escape the waves or to survive by sheer luck or by running for their lifes. Sad enough there were over 137,000 people so far that weren't so fortunate and died, which most of were helpless, young, children who can't even swim. I think survivors should try to start new and be thankful they are alive.


I think that this is a very traumatic happening for the people in all of those countries near the tsunami. I also think that the countries are doing there best with all the support from the U.S.A, Japan and all sorts of other countries. But yet they are still lacking on shelter and hope. They don’t have hope because all of the missing or dead people. Instead of looking down they should start to look up and start new.

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