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Over April Vacation we went to Purto Vallerta, Mexico! The plane trip was really long but it was worth it! Where we went they have beautiful beaches and alot of them! Where we stayed had ALOT of outdoor pools! My favorite one was the one with a water slide and many waterfalls! We spent alot of time in the pool because the lowest temperature during the day was about 95 degrees! ANd Humidity! It has not rained AT ALL since September! A couple of nights we went into town and it reminded me a little of the Us! For example, they had McDonalds, Wal-mart, Pizza Hut, KFC ext. We had such a fun time and I hope to go back there! P.S- If your planning any vacations, I definitialy recomend it!


OK i would love to go any where out of new england!!!!!since i havent really been any where out of it =( o well...

Mr. Hetherington

Tell us about your trip to Mexico!

Mr. Hetherington

It's great to hear from you Sarah! I hope you like your new school. What are you learning in social studies? At Porter we are now studying India and the caste system. Mr. Lazaroff just presented a very interesting slide show to the class that showed scenes from India, including pictures of the Ganges, sacred cows and the monkey temple.
Stay in touch and tell us more about your new school.
We miss you!


Hi everybody! I just had to say hi, because I still had the password and username for her, and I wanted to see...well talk to you guys. And for places I would like to visit...Horace W. Porter! I miss you guys all so much! But on a more serious note, I would like to visit Japan with Rachel! That would be really fun! I could see full version of anime shows, and maybe even suggest ideas for new characters for tv shows, and...oh the possibilities! Well, it was nice stopping by! ^-^


During April vacation, Iam going to Mexico! I am soooooooooooooooooooo excted! Its a long flight! It's like 8 hours or something! And it only has 1 stop in Houston! Its my first time out of the country and im excited!


I totaly want to go to Italy! My grandmother moved here from Italy when she was 13! She visits there every year and this year my family might go with her! I have been to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, georgia, Massachusets, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey!


I want to go to Fiji and to all of California.I've been to Rhode Island, New york, Massachusets and (in my opinion) the best place ever the Dominican Republic.

Jamie 6E

Now I'd also like to go to Singa Pore!!!!!


I have been to the everglades, I went on a boat trip through them it was kind of scary with alligators that close to you! And when you drive on the roads you see 100s of alligatos on the sides of you!My family drove there in our camper it took forever, but it was fun!


i've also want to go to arizona, utah, california, and espeacially ~*LAS VEGAS*~!!!!!Jenna i would go to france with you if u would just shut up about sorry but that is the truth!!




Mr H, I didn't know you went to London! Cool, after France, that's where I'd want to go. Erin- GO FRANCE!!!




The different places I have been are Washington D.C., Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York city, Dinsey world, Canada, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod!!! I'm hoping that over April Vacation that my family will go to Las Vegas!!!I REALLY ~*WANT TO GO*~!!!!!!

Mr. Hetherington

Time for me to jump in here. Here's my list!

Places I've lived: Philadelphia, Pa, Weirton, WV, Pittsburgh, PA, Naperville, IL(near Chicago), Decatur, IL (near nothing) and Connecticut since 1996.

Places I've visited: Springfield IL (Lincoln's home) New York City (lived there for one month), Boston, Wildwood NJ (our favorite shore point), Cape Cod, New Hampshire (the White Mountains), the Poconos, Rhode Island, Cooperstown NY (the Baseball Hall of Fame), Virginia Beach VA, Roanoke Va, Memphis TN, Washington DC, Gettysburg Battlefield, Yorktown Battlefield, Jamestown, Chicago, St.Louis, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, Canada, Anchorage, Ketchikan and Skagway Alaska, Innsbruck Austria and Southern Germany (Skiing), London and York in England, Edinburgh Scotland (and Loch Ness), Aruba, Granada, Caracas Venezuela, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Antigua, Cancun Mexico, Bermuda, Oahu and Maui Hawaii, Jamaica, and Arizona (the Four Corners, Grand Canyon, Sedona)

Places I'd like to visit: Italy, Turkey, Morocco, India, China, Japan, Australia, Chile


Oh, and Matt, if you think the people in the bahamas are all lucky, well then go there and check out some of the bad places! Its not pretty and I feel really bad for them!
Oh and another place I want to visit is Chad like Hannah said also. It looks cool!


I've been to the Bahamas, Mexico, Disney World, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Canada, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, pretty much everywhere in New England and thats pretty much it but I want to go to Hawaii because it looks like soooooooooo much fun!!!!


I WaNt To Go To DiSnEy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! becasue of all the cool rides and all the cool hotels and every thing and you get to miss school if you go on vacation during the school sooo i wouldnt mind that ( no offense teachers!! )lol but i really cant say that i have been any where out of New England so thats not to great but i will have been someday i hope hehe uhhh yeah but besides disney i want to go to basicly any island like Hawaii and any other island casue they are pretty cool and i have no idea where this is on Earth but in ss that time we saw mr.h's house on the pc we saw a place called Christmas island and i kinda wanna go there but it would help if i new where it was!! lol well that is my long i guess kool post hehe


I want to visit the bahamas,ireland,denmark, and maybe the whole world!!!!


i want to visit the country of chad because it is cool


i have been to mexico because my grandma use to own a house there, canada because my other grandma owns an island there, North Carolina because i use to live there, south carolina because i use to live there, maryland because that is where my grandma lives, pensylvania because my other grandma lives there, new hampshire because i spent a week there, maine because i went there for vacation, new york because my cousins live there, mass. because cousins live there, connecticut because im there now, virginia because i was born there and new jersey because my mom went the wrong way coming back from vacation in north carolina.


i want to visit iraq!


uhh well the only places i have been are Mass., Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and well im SaD to say that that is all LoL hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!


i want to go to the bahamas because i like beaches and they have warm weather there. THERE SO LUCKy

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