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(hehe) Well I have been to Rhode Island many times, well that is because my family owns a cottage a few miles from the beach, and so that means we are always going swimming :). There is also a marina with a penny candy store! (A store where candy costs no more than a quarter!) And if you're in my home-room, all of you know I wish to go to Japan, not only becasue Anime and Manga originated from there but also because of the beautiful scenery (or so I've heard...) and the food, I've always liked Japanese and Chinese food! I'm also trying to learn Japanese so I can talk to people when I go there! :)


I went to San Francisco, California, during the summer of 2003. I stayed at my aunt's house and played with my cousins. The best part about being there was that I went to Ghiradelli Square. I also went to a REALLY cool science museum. I also went to China town and got really delicious artichokes.


The only place away from home I have been is Vermont, and it was a short visit too. My family doesn't travel much. But if I could go anywhere, I would like to visit Italy, to see what spaghetti is like there, and also view the many nice things there. I would also like to explored Rome! ^_^ (that is a smile)


I hav been in just about every state in new england and every year I go to my homestate, NY and have a vacation in the Adirondacks. i would like to, at the very least, go somewhere else in the u.s. but i really wanna go to france


The one place in the whole world I would love to go is to France. I have a painting of it in my room, and am starting to learn the language itself.

katie n6e

I go to Florida every year with my family to Don Padrio, it's a small island. My Grandpa said if you look hard enogh you can see Texas, since the island is in the Gulf of Mexico. This year we might go to Key West. :-)


I have been to China. The hotels and places that we visited like a pearl processing buiilding, were really cool and the maids folded my cot up everyday, and they folded my PJ's too! the people on the streets were good and not so good. The good people left us alone, and sometimes gave us free stuff. The not so good people would move in our way when we tried to walk, and beggars made me sad to look at them. Other than that, China is a great place to visit.

P.S. watch out for 16 hour plane flights :-)

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