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Kind of


I agree with Danny.


Kemal helped turkey, that is no question!!

nur ain

hi...how are you?My name is Nur Ain.My hobby is listen to music and chatting on the computer.I hope you like chatting with me.I live at singapore.I love my homeland.Well,now i am 12 {going to be 13 in 8 months time}This is my first in greenridge.I was very happy to get this school.


All I have to say about him is.... what a jerk!!!! I mean he modernized Turkey but he pretty much took away their religous reliefs and I know I would kill myself if I couldn't have my religous beliefs!!!!


i dont have a thought on Mustafa Kemal Ataturk but i have an interesting fact, he got the name kemal from his math teacher because it means perfection he got it because of his superior achievments


I agree with Sarah... Attaturk really did help Turkey but I also agree with Leslie, he shouldn't have forced so much change on them at one time. In my opinion he should have taken it a little more slowly.


I think this guy is a little too harsh. First, he through too much on them at one time. What I mean is that a puppy doesn't grow into a dog in one night in other words, it takes time to evolve into a completely different country! If I were in charge I'd take my time. Secondly, what he did was wrong. The hats were a symbol of their religion and he shouldn't have the power to take that away. That is like taking away the sign of the cross from the Christians or taking away the star of David from the Jews. The people must have been under SO much pressure. I know he was only trying to help but I mean, even though he was practicly royalty he put too much work on their backs. But the past is the past, the future is the future, and we have to keep moving on.


I think Ataturk in a way 'helped' Turkey. When I saw helped I mean he coaxed the people to evolve in ways that were really needed. I thought that outlawing the fezzes and veil was a bit harsh, and she should have given the people a chose, but I assume possibly taking away the religion, bit by bit was his method of modernization. I also found this nice little report/article on Ataturk. Here is the URL (link) to it:

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