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Hello everyone!!!I am Clinton Goh from Singapore i swear.I loves to play computer,and also loves to sleep.My eamil for msn is pigudong@hotmail.com.


Yo people, i'm gary, from Greenridge sec school. i like playing football. i also like going on hikes and camps, thats why i joined the scouts.

i have a puppy at home which is nine months old. do you like puppys?

i hope you will reply SOON!!!!


Hi, my name is k.rooban.I am 13 years old.I am here in Singapore.I am studying in a secondary school.My favourite hobby is collecting stickers.I love to collect stickers like spider-man,batman and superman.I have 4 members in my family.I have no pets but i would like to have a pet.My favourite places in Singapor are orchard and the Sentosa.
see you next time!


My name is Bavithira Selvakumar.I am a Singaporean and am 13 coming December.My favorite hobbies are dancing,singing and many other stuff.I love maths,english,tamil,geography,history and literature.My family consists of 7 members ; father,mother,elder sister,younger sister,sister's husband and her child. I love my family,country and home.


I'm ching wee from singapore.My favorite hobbie is is playing with my hamster. What is your favourite hobbie.my favourite subject is chinese. what about you?


Hi! My name is kalsheny valerie. I am a half indian and half cristian. I love reading Harry Potter books. Kids in my school are aged from 13-18 and I am 13 years old. How old are you? How is your school like?


Hello students from Horace W Porter School.My favourite
hobby is to play soccer and play computer games.It was
nice to meet you.


Hello there!! I am a student of greenridge

My name is Faeezuan

favourite hobbies/subjects:Hearing musics/Science and Math

family/pets:5 people in my family/ I have a fish as a pet

home/places of interest in Singapore:Around Chua Chu Kang

si yun

My name is Chua SiYun. I am 13 yrs old this year.I am a Singaporean. My favourite hobby is cycling and swimming.My favourite subject is English and Chinese.I wish i could have a pet hamster. I think it is so cute.


My name is Stacia Ang Hui Zhi.I am in secondary one. I am turning 13 this November. I have a dog as my pet. I have it since when i was 7 years old. My favourite hobby is collecting stickers. My favourite subjects are mother tongue,maths,music and art. My dad is a self-empolyee and my mother is a housewife. My favourite place in Singapore is the Sentosa Island. I like because it is a very eye-catching place.

My name is Ernie Aryani. My favourite hobby is swimming and playing soccer.My favourite subject is malay.I have only 1 younger brother.I live in a flat.My places of intrest in Singapore is Suntec City.

Mohd Arief

Hello!!! i'm a student from greenridge secondary school!!! my favourite hobbies is playing rugby and playing computer games!!! well... i'm the second son in my family. if you want to send me a letter,at msn or friendster if anyone of you have msn, please add me at mohd_arief@hotmail.com,and if you have friendster,please add ma at x_animalhater_x@hotmail.com!!!

Hi!!!My name is nadzirah.my hobby is to surf on the internet and my favourite subject is Mathematics.I have 2 brothers.My places of interest in singapore is orchard road. hope i could talk you for some other time. bye!!!!

Xian Zhe

Hi I am Xian Zhe,my favourite subject is science.I like to play computer games.Me and my family members are celebrating Chinese New Year today.The place I like the best in Singapore is Sentosa.


My name is faris. I am 12 years old going on 13.I like playing soccer and badminton. What co-coricullum activities do you have in your school?


hello, my name is YanRan.My favourite hobbies are watching TV and swimming.My favourite subject is Mathematics.I don't have any pets in my home!!! How about you ?!The place that i interested is Singpore Zoo!
I am very glad that you are able to talk to us!!


My name is ShiYi !!! My favourite hobbies is dancing !!! What about you ??? And my favourite subject is Chinese !!! You??? What pets you have ??? I have a puppy dog at home !!! The place i like most in singapore is Orchard Road !!! I never been there before !!! How is your country ??? I am sure it is very nice !!! Bye

Vashon Tnee

Hi i am Vashon.I like to play computer games which i am sure some of you do too and i am new to this blog thing(if it was a blog in the first place)so i am not too sure what to talk about.My favourite subject is English and i hope some of you guys here like it too.


My name is Tulasi Devi. I am turning 13 this july. My favourite hobby is to play basketball or chat in MSN. My favourite subjects are English and Maths. There are 4 family members in my house excluding me. Both my parentsare working. My mother isworking as a dental nurse and my dad is working as a self-empolyee. Escape Theme Park is my favourite place in Singapore as they offer 360 degrees of fun.

Danny H.

Hello students from Signapore! My name is Danny! I love soccer and baseball. I your school is incredible.


Hi!My name is Sarah.I hope you like talking with us. What ages are the kids in your school? How old are you?

amanda 6v

that school is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi, im gald to meet you all!


Please respond!

If you post on the website think about Answering these questions.
1. Whats your name?
2.What are you faviorites?


Hello students from singapore! What grade are you in? we are in 6th grade! I very glad that you are able to talk with us!

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