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Sorry that last comment was mine because its cuter when the are little and fat like in my mole book.

I've changed my mind I like CHUBBY moles.


My favorite animals are horses, dolphins, koalasand dogs! Even thouhgh i have a dog i really want a hampster!


I honestly love siamese and greyhounds, owning both myself. Outside hose pets, I really love dolphins, and seals! They rock!! :)


My favorite animal would have to ba a manatee, because they are really cute and I feel bad for them because they get chopped up by boat motor.


My favorite home animal is definately a dog!!☺!! But outdoor animals.... I don't know probally a zebra for some strange reason. Maybe? I don't know?


My alltime favorite animal is a dolphin.When I was in 1st grade we had to do a project on a sea creature.Guess what mine was....a DOLPHIN!!! After that I just fell in love with there beauty and how smart they were. Be fore they left mystic aquarium I wanted to go see the shows they did every day. That didnt happen but it was still fun going to see real dolphins when I went.Also this year when I went to Washington D.C. I saw a great movie on dolphins and how this one man who lived on the ocean swam out every day in a certain spot to his dolphin friend!!! I wish I was that person!!! what is your favorite animal???


my favorite animal are grubs and moose!


HANNAH LOVES HIPPOS because they are chubby and adorable!!!!


~~** hmmm ~~** well i as most of you people should know i love turtles as my post earlier says but monkeys are CuTe to but not like turtles !! I want to have 1 as a pet but................. No why not i have know idea but i want one. hamsters now they are cute 2 but not my favorite animal i get to take oreo home for feb. break yippie!! to bad i have 5 cats lol that hamster is ganna be scared but i think shell get used to it after a week Woah baby a lil off topic oh well !!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait! Before I go...I have a fun pun! And rhyiming. Anywho, here is the pun. The reason I like flamingoes is...because they tickle me pink! And I can't think of pun for reptiles, but I will have ne hopefully.


I refuse to agree with anyone but myself. Flamingoes, along side I, will one day rule the world. You'll see. You'll all see. Or more simply, I could just eventually see one... Whatever happens first. My second favorite animals are Komodo Dragons, and geckos! The cuter of the two are the geckos. Komodo Dragons I think, not quite so cute, but more awesomely cool and masculine...and reptilian! I pretty much like all reptiles. But of course, I ADORE flamingoes most of all. It is just the scales, and green-ness and sharp teeth, and all those things really sway me. And my favorite mystical animals are Dragons, so you can see how that ties together!


well i have to agree with gabe piranahs are the best actually there not but i just fell like saying this so


Just bak here to remind you all-pirahnas are the best!

though i must admit tigers are cool...


I really like the white Bengal Tiger. I think they are so beautiful and mysterious. I agree with Leslie on the moles, I think they are cute and people should not kill them!!!!!


My favorite animal is a mole because they are so mysterious. I think mole traps should be taken out of the ground so these poor animals don't get killed. Imagine if your only way to survive was to eat the roots of plants. Would you want to be killed because of that?


My fave has to be.. well, i guess maybe a pirana because they are really cool and they're sorta like mini sharks, and they're just the downright best!

jason kelly6e

my fav animal is a spider because they are cool and can climb fast like me


My favorite animal just has to be...flamingoes! I just love there elegant gestures, and dances. The way they gorgeously sore through the sky, and there piercing pink color is ever so intriging and stunning. It captures my heart and entangles it with joy and splendor. Ever so delightful...I must say, a very pleasant animal to be interested in.


my favoruite animal is a dog because they are the best { 2 nd comment JUSTINE lol}


ohhh yeah the first ever wooooo go me any ways i love turtles cause they are the best!!!!!!!

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