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~Tiffany 7B~

Cows are very cool
Theyr'e very fat and smell bad
Cows are white and black

Rachel G 6V

Here are haikus I wrote! Hope you like them!

The wind blows by me.
Is it a visit from Sam?
I may never know.

A warm summer breeze.
It ruffles my hair, tranquil.
Watch for the sunset.

A pitch-black nighttime.
At the moon, wolves will howl.
Wait for the sunrise.

Here is a large one I wrote in class:

Cherry Blossoms

The springtime is here,
The sakura* will blossom.
Collect the petals.

Petals in my sleeve,
Remind me of the new spring.
Everyone rejoice.

Sing for the season,
Dance like petals in the wind.
Everyone at peace.

So calm and tranquil,
Watch the stars shimmer brightly.
Wait for the sunrise.

*Japanese word for Cherry Blossom

Chiana 6E

When I awaken
I hear the sweet birds sing
It's a superb day!!!

Nick D     6H

In the light of dawn
When the grass is wet with dew
The foe moves about

Adam 6L

The evil blue jay
flies high in the sky then he
flies down to catch prey


I see the green trees,
Blowing in the soft clear air,
They are all so green

=)~~*-Justine-*~~ =)

Emily C 6e

Grass is green like leave
it is soft and bautiful
i like to smell it

Emily C 6e

Sun is hot like stove
sun is pretty when setting
sun is beautiful


Dolphin's are cuties
They jump, swim, play and are smart
i love them dearly

Afleet Alex Ran
In the Kentucky Derby
It came in 3rd place

Yellow Labs are great
I had a lab named Misty
But shes in Heaven


Heat beating down on
Keeping me warm for the year
Until winter hits


My Haikus:

Summer is coming
Winter is over for now
Swimming not skating.

Mr. Hetherington

Here are the two I wrote during class:

Flowing willow tree
Overhanging the river
Cool shade and fun times

Quick bat to the ball
Soaring high against the sky
Landing in the seats

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